Vastu House Plan for a South-Facing Plot: A Comprehensive Guide

Vastu House Plan for a South-Facing Plot: A Comprehensive Guide

Introduction- In the ancient Indian science of architecture, Vastu Shastra holds significant importance in designing homes that harmonise with natural elements and promote well-being. When it comes to designing a house plan for a south-facing plot, following to Vastu principles can help optimise energy flow and create a balanced living environment. In this guide, we’ll delve into the key considerations […]

The Impact of Architecture in Economic Growth

The Impact of Architecture in Economic Growth

Here’s a brief overview of how architecture can impact economic growth: Architecture and Economic Growth The relationship between architecture and economic growth is complex, with the built environment playing an important role in shaping societies. Here are some key points to consider: *Robust architectural planning contributes to the development of essential infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and utilities. *Well-designed infrastructure […]

5 Interior Design Tips for Beginners

Whether you’re remodelling your home or aspiring to be a professional interior designer, here are some tips and interior design fundamentals to get you started. If you try to dive into the world of interior design all at once, anything from colour palettes to area rugs can get overwhelming. Fortunately, there are a few interior design principles that are a […]

Selecting the Best Construction Materials for your Project

The materials chosen to build a structure have a significant impact on its quality. That’s because, whether it’s a skyscraper, a residential house, or an apartment complex, the materials you select will determine the building’s general appearance, strength, and longevity. That means best Construction Materials for your projects using low-cost, subpar materials run a higher risk of premature structural failure […]

How to Recycle and Reuse Construction Wastes

Recycling and reusing construction waste is an essential practice that can help reduce environmental impact, save resources, and cut costs. By following these tips, you can reduce the amount of waste generated during construction projects, save resources, and help protect the environment. Nakshaa Banwao provides you a one stop solution for House design , Home plan , Interior design ,Home […]

Green building concept in India.

A resource-friendly construction technique called “green building” results in healthier buildings with fewer negative environmental effects and reduced maintenance costs. This environmentally friendly construction method considers a building’s complete life cycle, including its location, design, construction, use, maintenance, renovation, and demolition. (see Life Cycle Assessment for more information). The green building concept in india is an everyday need in India […]

What Is the Difference Between Renovation and Construction

Difference Between Renovation and Construction. When a home or building requires modernization or repairs, property owners must decide whether to renovate or build. Both commercial and residential properties can benefit from both renovation and construction. Most contractors, such as a commercial roofing companies, can handle both construction and remodeling. Although the terms are similar, there are some significant differences between […]

How to build a house step by step in India 

How to build a house step by step in India Building anything is not an easy task. A lot of hard work, patience and money is invested in building and construction. It is hard work, sometimes boring, but the results are a lasting benefit before the build A House Step by Step In India process begins. There are many aspects […]

How to plan hospitality buildings

Are you planning a restaurant, banquet hall or hotel??? If so, we have the information you need to create the best plan. In this blog we will look at some of the essential aspects of the architecture of these hospitality buildings and how to get the best out of it construction company in lucknow. RESTAURANT INTERIORS TO PLAN HOSPITALITY BUILDINGS […]

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